"Empowering Member Organizations to Empower Themselves" 

Our Mission   

Serve as the hub for collaborative information sharing in a neutral environment of trust, where member and non-member key stakeholders from industry, government, academia, law enforcement and intelligence come together.   Leveraging public and private cross-sector resources to more effectively analyze critical, real-time intelligence and respond to cyber threats,  the focus is on  protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure and national security interests, serving as a 501c3 organization, designated as a public foundation.

Our Vision

To effectively secure its networks, supply chain, and infrastructure, ACTRA private/public member organizations will proactively empower themselves to collaboratively share under their control agreed upon, real-time/near real time cyber threat information to identify and respond to current threat trends with other key stakeholders, resulting in actionable intelligence and triggering meaningful and appropriately measured response without attribution. Such responses will be taken where appropriate, within policy and alignment with Member Organization’s self-interest cooperatively with law enforcement and federal agencies for the ultimate benefit of national security interests with or without attribution at the option of the Member Organization providing a buffer as necessary.