Alliance Participants' Preferred
Commercial Range Vendor Options

Cogent Cyber Range

The Cogent Cyber Range has been reviewed and determined to be highly effective in training anyone to learn cyber related job roles.  Cogent Range participants learn how to use the many well-known tools for testing for and exploitation of network, server and application vulnerabilities. Cogent’s on-site and live virtual Range support staff mentor and tutor students for learning a specific cyber tool. The environment is open for students to experiment with different tools to determine the right tool for the situation, as is expected on the job in the workplace. 

DIY Cyber Range Documentation or Other Commercial Vendor Options

Cyber ranges that join as NACRA Alliance Participants can design their cyber range technology stacks and programs to suit their individual needs using their own tools, commercially available products from ethically minded providers, or leverage discounted options from NACRA Preferred Vendors. Contact NACRA about joining as an Alliance Participant for access to detailed documentation about how to build a cyber range technology stack yourself.