North American 

Cyber Range Alliance


An Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA)  initiative developed in collaboration with the NACRA Alliance Participants aims to strengthen US cyber defenses by answering the growing number of cyber threats by increasing the number of trusted and well-trained cyber operatives in the US.

NACRA does this by developing an alliance of like-minded cyber ranges which adopt a uniform code of conduct and commit to collaboration for the common good. 

The Alliance promotes cyber range autonomy at the local level foster individual creativity, ensure unique workforce- and economic development needs are met, and it promotes close collaboration between NACRA ranges to defend US interests in cyberspace, and neutralize adversarial threats responsibly. 

NACRA Mission

Cyber ranges which join the North American Cyber Range Alliance (NACRA) affirm their commitment to taking an ethical, safe, collaborative, inclusive, respectful, and legal approach to cyber range operations.

The NACRA ethos is to create live-fire cybersecurity learning environments in which veterans of cybersecurity and aspiring learners of the discipline can collaborate. 

Given the tremendous responsibility of those who possess cybersecurity skills, both NACRA range volunteers and visitors to NACRA ranges are expected to abide by ethical and professional standards similar to those required of any professional workplace.  

  Founding Alliance Participants

GCU Cyber Center of Excellence

The GCU Cyber Center of Excellence offers a hands-on learning environment in a 2,400 square-foot cyber range with a secured network, expertly configured threat-hunting laptops, and a dedicated server room hosting a variety of common target environments. The CCE combines apprenticeship with real-world experiences to develop students who have the competence and knowledge required to defend assets in cyberspace.

The CCE is located on the Grand Canyon University campus at 5115 N. 27th Ave, Building 66, in Phoenix.

Cogent Cyber Range

The Cogent Cyber Range has earned the reputation of making cybersecurity approachable even to newcomers to the field. Cogent Cyber Range is a practice-based, safe learning environment for performing hands-on penetration testing to learn how systems are compromised.  Each lesson allows the student to use top cyber security tools to attack and exploit vulnerabilities found within internal cyber range websites, applications and devices.  This progressive learning directly relates to job roles requiring industry recognized certifications.  Students acquiring certifications at Cogent  identify, research, conduct experiments, and determine the right tool for a given situation just as they would in the workplace. The learning environment is highly supported by mentors and tutors available to students when and where needed to ensure skills acquisition. 

EMCC Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) is a nationally recognized Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) for 2-year schools in Cybersecurity Education by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.  Located in Avondale, Arizona, EMCC offers IT and cybersecurity programs that prepare students with the fundamental knowledge and technical skills that directly lead to rewarding  cybersecurity and information technology careers.  Additionally, the college has a rich history of hosting local, national and international speakers who have covered a variety of topics such as  Red Hat Linux, Internet of Things, and  Cybersecurity.  EMCC also periodically presents  workshops (which are open to the public) covering various cybersecurity topics.   

Alliance Member Roles and Responsibilities

Recognizing that cyber-attacks provide a serious and consistent threat to all of us and the development of cyberwarfare ranges provides a viable countermeasure in training and developing our future cyber warriors