Key Stakeholders

Key stakeholders include all Member organizations, their supply chain, and organizations/infrastructure providers they rely upon who wish to develop an early threat warning and response system to protect their assets through improved risk management, and; federal and state government and law enforcement agencies that wish to collaboratively both share and secure more actionable intelligence to protect critical infrastructure and improve national security.

"Formalization of a trust-based relationship with the private sector. Leadership, interest, and involvement from partners can enable timely and actionable information sharing and mitigate risk across the ecosystem" (Cohen & Nussbaurm, 2018).

Financial Resources

Required financial resources are provided through a combination of membership dues,  ‘play-to-play’  collaborative  solutions  for  member’s  selective  participation, and invited corporate subject matter experts’ contributions that support the core organization.


Federal Agencies through formal agreements and informal collaboration, support our fiduciary responsibility to protect ACTRA's public and private member organizations, critical infrastructure and our national security interests, while keeping the lanes in the road separate with our agency partners.

Member USDHS CISCP & AIS Programs

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The university’s new National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC) is taking this leadership to the next level, creating a powerful ecosystem to engage government, industry and academia to tackle the nation’s greatest cybersecurity threats.